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Advertise your hunt cancellations and deals to over 100,000 hunters instantly. See our 3 simple steps below.

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  • “Hey Jared, that last ad was great. Booked 3 clients and had a lot of interaction. Would like to run another one soon for mule deer hunt if possible..”

    Morgan Abbott, Kolob Outfitters.

  • "….I had 2 guys cancel their hunt due to health. We needed help filling the spots. Gave outdoorsman the details. They had me an ad ready for approval asap. Sent it to their list and we filled it…” 

    Justin Davison, Twisted Tine Outfitters.

  • “I've gotten some calls for sure. I got a guy took 3 rifle hunts yesterday another guy suppose to call me back in regards to muzzle loader. Got 6 emails asking about hunts. Yes sir”

    Mark Locke, Buckzilla Outfitters.

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  • 1. Select Your Dates

    Use our convenient calendly system below to secure and schedule your exclusive ad date/s. At only $349 per ad, it’s just pennies per subscriber!

  • 2. Details & Pictures

    You provide details and pictures on your cancellations, last minute deals or trip specials.  Send them to us via calendly, text 435-757-5066 or email info@outdoorsman.com

  • 3. Ad Create & Send

    We create the ad for your approval before we queue it up to be sent to our subscribers.  We also post your ad on our social media platforms.  We encourage outfitters to use the same ad with their own social media accounts and email lists.

  • “Hi Morgan, glad to hear the ad was a great success.  You had 4650+ people open the ad and there was also some excellent activity on our social media post for it as well…”

    Jared Nichols, OUTDOORSMAN.com

  • Schedule your Ad

    When you use the ‘schedule ad’ link to select your dates and start your ad here’s what you’ll get:

    1. Connection with our thousands of premium subscribers

    2. Exposure to our 70,000 followers on social media

    3. A complimentary $99 premium subscription

    4. Access to all outfitter deals

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  • Keys to Connect Well With Our Subscribers

    Outfitters, it is our mission to help you sell hunts. Here are a few things we have seen successful outfitters do:

    • Bigger discounts get greater subscriber attention
    • Promote one deal at a time
    • Give subscribers a compelling reason to contact you
    • Keep in touch with us on your campaign effectiveness
    • We get you eyeballs - you sell them
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