OUTDOORSMAN.com ‘Our Why’:  It’s simple….REVIEWS

We help outdoorsmen around the world discover, plan and experience their outdoor adventure through quality outfitter reviews

We think that hunters and fishermen looking for trips need to have an experiential event before connecting with their potential outfitter. We encourage all our outfitters and listing owners to include as much information and validation as possible through reviews, videos, photos, about us, references, including their local recommendations such as accommodations, butchers and taxidermists.

It is no longer adequate for outfitters to hold the information in their head until the sportsmen ask for it. They must deliver it upfront to gain a clients confidence and provide them an immediate experience. The more information – the more validation. We refer to this as experiential marketing.


Way back in 1998, the ‘wild west’ days of the internet, we divined a place where sportsmen could discover great hunting and fishing destinations and then share their unvarnished experiences.
People buy items on amazon because of the reviews. We expect outdoorsmen to buy their trips because of the reviews.
A rising tide lifts all ships. In the last 20 years we have seen outfitters improve their services because of ‘review’ transparency.


IIF YOU ARE AN OUTDOORSMAN:  Discover our outfitters.  Read reviews.  Write reviews

IF YOU ARE AN OUTFITTER: Encourage your customers to validate your company and leave their reviews.

We believe in God. We believe in family. We believe in hunting & fishing.
We believe that when a person experiences them collectively – they will discover them individually.